U-pick - $5.00 per lb

Harvested and processed frozen berries - $8.00 per lb

Harvested and unprocessed frozen berries - $7.00 per lb

  • May contain small amount of leaves and green berries

Volume discount over 20 lbs $0.50 less per lb

Plastic mulch for weed maintenance


Spring pollination of Haskap flower

Keeping the birds away from the delicious Haskap berries with a Jackite

New Haskap seedlings arriving

WE ARE OPEN FOR U-PICK!!!!  Please call 780-667-5308 before coming


Customers must bring their own container.  None will be provided for picking this year.

  • Steps for processing berries picked:
  1. Orchard staff and customers to maintain physical distance
  2. Customer will place container on to sanitized scale and step back
  3. Orchard staff will record weight of container on piece of tape marked with customer number on berry processing station table and step back
  4. Customer will remove their own container
  5. Orchard staff to sanitize scale platform between customers.

Customers must sanitize hands before entering field and upon leaving field

No washroom facilities available.  Please go before you come to the farm.

Bring bug spray and appropriate footwear.  There is fescue between rows but with all the rain mosquitoes are prevalent and some parts of the field are soggy.

Pick where you are assigned by orchard staff (NO EATING in the field). 

Family units must stay together at all times and children must be closely supervised.

Sorry - CFIA does not allow pets in orchards

E-transfer to shauna@bokeybloomsfarms.ca preferred but cash accepted

Haskap Cheesecake


Unripened Haskap berries

NUTRITIOUS haskap berries