• Haskap is an ancient Japanese name from the Ainu people meaning "berry of long life and good vision"
  • Heritage strong in Asia specifically in Japan on Hokkaido Island where it has been grown for centuries
  • Scientific name is Lonicera caerulea
  • Common names are Blue Honeysuckle, Honeyberry, Edible Honeysuckle
  • Hardy plant that grows well in our harsh Canadian climate
  • Decidius shrub
  • Canadian culitvars developed at University of Saskatchewan
  • Shareholder and Director of Finance of North 49 Fruit Corporation
  • Member of Haskap Canada Association 
  • Proud member and Treasurer of Haskap Alberta Association.

Proud member of ARRGO - Alberta Rhodiola Rosea Growers Organization

rhodiola rosea

  • Barely discernible seeds 
  • Skins basically disintegrate
  • Purple flesh makes it 5 times more powerful than blueberry
  • Member of Crassulaceae or stonecrop family
  • Adaptogen for stress and stamina
  • Active ingredient - Rosavins


spruce trees

  • From 1 to 12 feet tall
  • Fertilized and watered every year
  • Experience nature and cut your own Christmas tree